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Population: 24,700

City Hall:

22017 SE Wax Rd, Maple Valley 98038


School District: Tahoma School Dist #409



Gas/Electricity PSE 888-225-5773

Water/Sewer: Covington Water District 253-631-0565, Cedar River Water & Sewer Dist 425-255-6370, Soos Creek Water & Sewer 253-630-9900

Telephone: CenturyLink 800-244-1111

Refuse Collection: Recology CleanScapes 425-413-1555 Republic 206-682-9735

Typical Tax Rate: King County $13.75/$1,000 Assessed Value

Median Household Income: $97,890

Average Rent: 2bd $1,400

Source: Greater Seattle InfoGuide 2016-17

Number of homes for sale in Maple Valley, WA

The following chart shows the market in relationship to supply and demand. Experienced REALTORS watch closely the ratio of the inventory against the pending sales. We know that if the gap between those two sets of data decreases, we cannot be aggressive when working with buyers. A healthy market is where a little give and take on both sides of the negotiation table exists or when roughly 30 to 35% percent of available homes go pending during the same month.

Average days on the market for Maple Valley, WA

The average days on market is a great guide for gaining an understanding of how long it might take to receive an offer.

For an accurate gauge of a certain type of home, ask your real estate broker to get you the median priced home for your area.

Month of Inventory in Maple Valley, WA

Months of Inventory is just another way of looking at the supply and demand ratios. The months of inventory tell us how long it would take to sell every single home on the market if no other listings came on. A neutral market is 4 to 6 months supply, anything more is a buyer’s market and anything less is a seller’s market.

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